Hezlett Primary School
I am delighted that Mrs Christina McGarvey from Bonjour Amigos has been coming to school for the past 4 years as tutor for our pupils in Spanish and French. She creates in them enthusiasm and enjoyment as they learn in all classes throughout school. She also works well in cooperation with teachers providing support/advice and linking with class topics. I would have no reservation in recommending Christina as a Modern language tutor and as a professional and positive person whom the children and staff love to welcome to their classroom.
Mr Peter Campbell
School Principal

IES Mateo Hernández de Salamanca
Estoy encantada de poder recomendar a Mrs Christina McGarvey. Estuvo en el IES Mateo Hernández de Salamanca como Asistente de Conversación durante todo un curso. Su colaboración con el trabajo de los profesores fue de gran estima para todo el Departamento.
Así mismo el trabajo y la relación con los alumnos. Su carácter y sus ganas de trabajar es una de las características más valorables. Recomiendo a Christina, como una gran persona y mejor profesora.
Concha Martín Saez.
Profesora de Inglés del IES Mateo Hernández de Salamanca. Spain

Kilrea Primary School
The opportunity to have foreign language education in Primary School has been fantastic! We have been lucky enough to have Christina teaching our children in Kilrea PS for a few years and the difference it makes to their confidence and enjoyment of language is overwhelming. Children absorb languages like little sponges so Primary School is the right time to introduce them. Christina has taught both Spanish and French to our pupils from as young as 4 up to 11, not to mention the old teachers who take in as much as their tired brains allow!
I would highly recommend Christina’s teaching and her dedication and commitment is second to none. The children love her and she always brings a little light into the building when she arrives…not to mention the odd cupcake!
Mrs K. Stinson
School Principal

Portrush Primary School
Christina is an asset in any school and I am so glad that Portrush Primary School was able to employ her throughout KS1 and KS2 for Spanish lessons. She is intuitive and quickly pinpoints children’s levels of ability and her enthusiastic delivery of her wide-ranging topics captivates each child. Her visits soon became the highlight of the week. Parents remarked on how their children would now confidently attempt to engage in conversation in Spanish when on holiday abroad where Spanish is the mother tongue. The KS2 children progressed to secondary level with a head-start in not only conversation topics, but also with a knowledge of basic grammar in a second language. As a teacher, I have also learned from her and it’s amazing just how my level of Spanish conversation developed over the time she was in my classroom.Christina is a hardworking, dedicated professional who is passionate about all she undertakes, and as well as that, she is a thoroughly lovely lady to whom I wish every success as she branches out into the wider community with Bonjour Amigos.
Sheila Kane
Y4 teacher (retired)