Terms and Conditions


We accept payment by the following methods.

  • Paypal.me/ChristinaMcGarvey
  • Cheque payable to Christina McGarvey  (Bonjour Amigos)
  • Cash

To secure your place in a class you must pay full course fees on or before the first day of the class.

Refunds & cancellations 

Bonjour Amigos does not offer refunds.

In the event of Bonjour Amigos having to cancel a class we will provide a credit against a future class.

Bonjour Amigos is under no obligation to refund classes that may be missed due to adverse weather conditions.

Usage of electronic equipment

Mobile phones are not to be used during the classes. If you must make an urgent call please do so outside of the class.

If you wish to take photographs or videos please ask for permission.  Bonjour Amigos can then check if this would be acceptable to others in the class. If other parents are not in agreement then their wishes must be respected.

Bonjour Amigos strictly forbids the reproduction of any part of our classes e.g. on the internet, photographs, videos etc.

Anyone suspected of filming or photographing the classes for such purposes will be asked to cease the activity and leave the current class. In such circumstances the person will not be permitted to attend all future classes.


Bonjour Amigos recommend that you do not bring your child to class if they have any kind of contagious illness.

Exclusion of Liability 

Those involved in Bonjour Amigos classes do so at their own risk. Bonjour Amigos cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of any personal possessions.

Bonjour Amigos

Christina McGarvey